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Payment of Fees

                                            Rules of School Fees

1. School fee is to be deposited monthly on the school’s fee counter only.

2. We receive account payee “NEFT” & “Cheque” in favour of St. Xavier’s High School.

3. Fee must be cleared before 10th of every month failing which, late fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged along with the fee after due date. Late fine @ 100/- per month will be realized on fee outstanding for more than a month. Name shall be struck off for those students whose fees remain not paid for two consecutive months.

4. Tuition fee and conveyance fee are payable for the whole session (i.e. April to March). No deduction shall be made in tuition fee and transport fee for vacation or absence or leave period.

5. No exemption/deduction in fee is made on account of holidays or absence from class.

6. Prior to summer and winter vacations, if fees is not paid before the last date as per the notice, the name of the student will not be included in the attendance register on the commencement day of the school.

7. No student will be allowed to appear for examination unless all dues are cleared. ll dues must be paid up before each terminal exam irrespective of the due date. Students whose fees are overdue may be barred from sitting for exams and their names struck off from the rolls. Readmission will be done only after the previous dues are cleared and readmission fees paid afresh.

8. Non payment of fees for 2 consecutive months for such students will lead to automatic removal or cancellation.

9. A Fee Book is supplied free of cost at the beginning of the academic year. It is to be kept carefully. If it is lost during the course of the year a duplicate fee book will be issued by the account office on payment of Rs.50/- only

10. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until and unless all financial obligations to the school are paid in full.

11. Standard X students must pay all the fees for the academic year (up to March) by 10th of January irrespective of the due date.

12. A fine of Rs.500 will be charged if the cheque is dishonoured. (In case if fee is deposited through cheque)Thereafter the fee will be accepted by cash only.

13. In case of the last date of payment being a holiday, the fee should be paid on the previous working day.

14. The school reserves the right to amend policies, rules and regulations without prior notice.

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